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Tom Seufert, Axxept

AXXEPT - Bandmembers

Thomas Seufert * Friday 13th (WOAHHHHH!!!!!)

Fav. Bands:
Too much to mention here. Just everything that Rocks!!!

Fav. Albums:
See above

Fav. Movie:
From Dusk Til Dawn, Pulp Fiction, Blues Brothers, El Dorado

Fav. Drinks:

… likes:
my family, my friends, music, riding my bike, fishing, good food and good beer.

… doesn’t like:
arrogant and ignorant people, violence, country music ;-)

Previous Bands:
Doctor Z

Tama Rockstar Drumkit, Premier XPK Drumkit

Sonor Delite Snare
Pearl Eliminator Demon Drive Pedal

Sabian- and Zildjian Cymbals


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